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1. Thomas Maissen, Barbara Mittler, Pierre Monnet: Periodisation in a Global Context

Section 1: CHRONOTYPOLOGIES – Questions of Space, Time, Class, Race and State

In this section, we engage in a critical dialogue with the idea of periodisation types, taking as our starting point the typology developed by Jörn Rüsen …read more

2. Jörn Rüsen: Making Periodisation Possible: The Concept of the Course of Time (Zeitverlaufsvorstellung) in Historical Thinking

3. David Moshfegh: ‘Islamic Civilization’ as a (Medieval) Problem: the Idea of Islamic Modernity in Islamwissenschaft

4. Alessandro Stanziani: Temporalities, Historical Writing and the Meaning of the Revolution: an Eurasian View

5. Milinda Banerjee: Periodisation as Dialectic in a Peasant Discourse from Late Colonial India

6. Justus Nipperdey: The Pitfalls of Terminology—Uncovering the Paradoxical Roots of Early Modern History in American Historiography

7. Suzynne McElrone: Historical Timeframes for Stateless Nations: Analyzing the Colonized Periodisation Paradox of Palestinian History

Section 2: CHRONOLOGICS – Contested ways of thinking Time

This section of the book sets off with contestations on world history, beginning with Michael Geyer’s analysis of the unknown and precautious work of Marshall G.S. Hodgson …read more

8. Michael Geyer: The Time of World History: Essaying Marshall G.S. Hodgson’s Work on Islamicate Societies and Afro-Eurasian World History

9. Heather Ferguson: Time and Its Others: Contesting Telos through a Sociospatial Analysis of Islamicate Chronotropes

ֺ10. Özen N. Dolcerocca: Transnational Modernism and the Problem of Eurochronology

11. Anubhuti Maurya: The Mythical Medieval: Periodisation, Historical memory and the Imagination of the Indian Nation

12. Bernard Cooperman: Reframing Time to Save the Nation: The Jewish Historian as Cultural Trickster

13. Özlem Caykent: Nationhood and its Imposing Power over Time and Chronology


14. Sanjay Subrahmanyam: Region, Nation, World: Remarks on Scale and the Problem of Periodisation

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